Probate: Simplified And Explained With 3 Main Moves

Few people spend any time at all thinking about the probate process until it becomes necessary. The term "probate" itself sounds quite intimidating, and most people will just throw up their hands and let the estate attorney handle it. While the estate attorney is certainly perfectly capable of taking care of the probating of the will, knowledge about the process can be greatly beneficial, and the process is actually pretty simple for most estates. [Read More]

Things To Note About A Child's Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases involving children work a little differently than normal; here are some things to note about this special case. A Parent or Guardian Files the Lawsuit First of all, it's important to note that a child doesn't file their own lawsuit. The parent or guardian must start the lawsuit on a child's behalf. Thus, you will be doing most of the interfacing with your personal injury attorney and with the courts. [Read More]

Four Traffic Court Mistakes To Avoid

Whether it's turning without a signal or speeding, any driver can find themselves facing the law for a traffic violation. However, even with the same offense, all drivers won't face the same consequences. While there are guidelines judges must follow, your actions also play a role in determining the outcome of your case. Make sure you're prepared for traffic court to keep your consequences as minimal as possible. Not Showing Up [Read More]

3 Mistakes You Should Never Make When Using GPS Navigation

GPS navigation technology is here to stay. Whether people are going across town or across the country, this breakthrough in modern technology has become an important way for people to find where they want to go. GPS stands for the Global Positioning System. Although its safety merits have been hotly debated, you can use GPS navigation systems to drive in a safer manner on the road. On the other hand, using GPS navigation can put you at risk on the road. [Read More]