3 Ways To Effectively Use Court Reporting In Your Practice

Court reporting has played a critical role in documenting trial proceedings for many years. The speed and accuracy with which a court reporter is able to capture live conversation is incredible, and you can harness these skills to provide better services to your law firm's clients in the future. Here are three ways that you can effectively use court reporting in your legal practice. 1. Use court reporting for depositions. [Read More]

Are There Healthcare Decisions A Proxy Cannot Make For The Patient?

One concern many people have when making a living will is that the individuals they assign to be their healthcare proxies will make decisions for them they find objectionable. While this is a valid concern, it's one you don't need to worry too much about, because your healthcare proxies will typically be barred from making certain serious decisions for you. Here's what you should know about this issue. Decisions That are Prohibited [Read More]

How To Resolve Your Debt Situation

Are you ready to pay off all of your debts so you can stop dealing with bill collectors demanding money? If you have been unable to accomplish the task because your finances are not in order, it can still be done in other ways. Keep in mind that everything that you own likely has a cash value, especially if you are a homeowner. You can also take legal measures to get out of the situation, and it will be easy with a lawyers help. [Read More]

Learn What To Do When You Slip And Fall On Ice Outside Of A Business

During cold winter weather, sidewalks and stairs can become slippery when ice forms on them. It is the responsibility of business owners to take the time to make sure that they spread salt and clear the stairs and walkways outside of their establishments to make sure that they are as safe as they can be for their patrons. If you slip and fall on an icy walkway or staircase, use the following guide to learn what steps to take to properly protect yourself after the accident. [Read More]